Journey To Prada Marfa

Remember when Bey posted this?

I was intrigued. So, on my last cross-country trip (one of my favorite things to do) I set out to find this elusive spot. It's called Prada Marfa and you won't find it on a map. There are absolutely no signs. Oh, and and it's in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The only way to locate this spot is thru GPS coordinates, and by hearing it's 'somewhere in between the cities of Valentine and Marfa.' So as I drove across Texas with my prized coordinates that I was proud to gather through some investigating, I kept my eyes peeled. After seeing absolutely nothing but open skies, infinite fields, and pavement for as many miles as you could ever imagine- there it was. It's eerie; an art exhibit plunked on the side of a desolate strip of road, filled with 1994 Prada handbags and heels. Upon researching my find, I learned that artists Elmgreen and Dragset installed it as a 'pop architectural land project' circa 2005. The doors are locked; no one is allowed inside. Somebody saw a man show up and change a lightbulb once, that's it.  


(GPS Coordinates: 30° 36′ 12.37″ N, 104° 31′ 6.52″ W )