My Pilgrimage to ABQ - 'Breaking Bad'

It's pretty well-known that I have a 'Breaking Bad' obsession. I have watched the entire series start to finish...nine times. My boyfriend Frank and I consider ourselves the world's biggest BB fans. I've had the privilege of interviewing the cast on many different red carpets (Major perks of the job! To this day, my greatest red carpet moment and interview of all time was the time I saw Dean Norris the night after his character Hank died on the show. I almost cried, and he talked to Frank on my cell phone to confirm he was still alive in real life), but I still wanted MORE BB! So, Frank and I drove cross-country to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2013 to track down all the real-life spots on the show. We did it all on our own, because this was before the Breaking Bad tour buses started in ABQ (I think?) We investigated every address and shooting location online and located them throughout the city. We arrived in ABQ at night, so we slept in the Wal-Mart parking lot in our car to get a fresh start in the morning. First stop- Walt's house, of course. (All our videos and photos are below. The one from his house is great- the owner came out and talked to us!) We were amazed out how well done the show was, right down to the production location choices. Walt's house was in a suburban neighborhood, down the road from the school where he worked, which was near his car wash. Jesse and Jane lived in a bad neighborhood, right around the corner from Wendy's meth hotel. Hank and Marie's house was in a ritzy neighborhood with a gorgeous desert view atop ABQ (you know, good jobs, no kids= nice house, etc) Meanwhile, Gus lived in a lower-income neighborhood to keep up non- Meth kingpin appearances, yet had the nicest house on the block by far. And of course, it was placed a safe distance from his Los Pollos Hermanos. Truly a brilliant show, that's why we reenacted some of the famous shots, exactly where they were filmed. Like I said, we're obsessed.

Los Pollos Hermanos, aka 'Twisters'


 Jesse & Jane's Apartment


Wendy's Meth Hotel 


Jesse Pinkman's House


Saul Goodman's Office, aka 'Vault' Nightclub

Gustavo Fring's House 

 Uncle Hank & Aunt Marie's House

I noticed a small tribute to the show, by the current homeowner of the White's residence

(yellow, of course) 

A couple years later, I was invited to attend the red carpet at the series premiere of 'Better Call Saul.' Frank came too of course and we finally got to meet THE MAN, THE GENIUS Vince Gilligan. He loved our story of our mecca to ABQ and wanted to see all our pictures. He was just as excited as we were. It's such a treat when celebrities turn out as good- or better- than you hope they'll be--LOVE him. We also met Peter Gould. So cool. We got to watch the first episode on the big screen with all of them, and of course Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks, AND Bryan Cranston - a dream!