Who was your favorite celebrity to interview? -Joseph, Tempe, AZ

I have a few! Hugh Jackman is always a pleasure to talk to! (Every red carpet reporter will agree to that!) Josh Duhamel and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as well. Of course, my dream interview was Oprah Winfrey. However, my favorite interviews are when celebrities turn out to be different than I had imagined. It's always a pleasant surprise when stars are warm and open with their answers when the red carpet is such a strategic PR machine. Julia Roberts was very gracious and eager to chat; Matthew McConaughey is favorite with all reporters on the carpet- giving everyone an equal opportunity. Robert Pattinson was such a gentleman, and the Kardashian girls are always so sweet. They get such a bad rap, but they have always been nothing but extremely nice and professional during interviews.  Jake Gyllenhaal really listened to my questions and gave me thoughtful answers, so did David Beckham, while January Jones was very pleasant and thoughtful with her responses, despite being known as an 'ice queen.' Vince Vaughn is known to give reporters a hard time, but both my interviews with him turned out delightful. It's so rewarding when stars defy their own reputations during candid moments. Those are the exchanges I love. I always say I am just a fan with a microphone, so my most enjoyable interviews are always with the stars that I love as a viewer. Jon Hamm from 'Mad Men' (who is JUST as charming as Don Draper, of course), the entire cast of 'Breaking Bad,' and legends like Dick Van Dyke are truly my most fulfilling interviews. Oh, and Blake Shelton is just the best- so funny! 

Your story is so inspirational. What advice can you give me to get started in Entertainment News?

-Kensie, Los Angeles, CA 

I get emails on a weekly basis from girls asking this exact question. Although the route I took of moving to LA and living in a van while I searched for a job is not ideal, I knew it's what I had to do. So what do YOU have to do? Where are you in your career right now? Are you finished with journalism school? Do you have a reel? There are certain steps you should take, but as for making the jump to LA- which is what I get asked most- just do it. Just do it IF you are positive entertainment news and/or hosting is what you truly love. It is really tough out here, but it will never feel like work (even the act of searching FOR work) if it's what you are passionate about. On that note- accept everything! Never turn a job down, always audition for everything and work for free in the beginning! I can think of a few jobs I got in the beginning by turning up for a meeting that was not my ideal job, crashing an audition through the helpful tip of a friend in the business, or simply showing up to an audition for a job that's not exactly the right fit- and turning it into the dream job! Once I went in for an audition for a reality show, but had no intention of being a contestant. I used the online date/location info for the open call to get in front of the producers, but marched right in there and said I wanted to host the show. They were shocked and certainly not auditioning for hosts yet, but I asked to improv for them right then and there- and a week later, they hired me! Since then, they have requested me as host for two subsequent shows. So my point is: make your own job opportunities happen! I'll end with my absolute favorite quote- "Opportunity is often missed because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work."

Who does your makeup? It always looks flawless!

-Kristen M., Riverside, CA

Thank you! This is another frequent question I get on social media and I am always so glad to pass on my team's info! For so many years, I had to do my own hair and makeup on the news, so I can truly appreciate the work my team does. Today I am so fortunate to have such amazing makeup artists who are truly that- artists! Here are the ladies I use on a daily basis:

Melina- Instagram: beautybymelina

Linh- Instagram: Linhtran70

Becca- Instagram: makeupbecca

Gaby- Instagram: makeupartistgaby

Ari- Instagram: makeupari


What is your weekly workout routine? -Emma, Santa Barbara, CA

A big part of my job is to look good on camera.  Even when I am in the studio and on the red carpet for 16 hours days, working out is a part of my workload as well. I try to go six days a week. I'm lucky to live close to my gym, so I walk there and back. If I don't go with my boyfriend, who is my trainer, I only do the elliptical, while I watch entertainment news & shows my iPad, i.e. research for work. But my ideal workout starts with 20 minutes on the treadmill at high intensity. Then 30 minutes of upper and lower body strength training with free weights. Lots of sweating, and no hanging around to chat. Get in and get out, and get on with your day. I know it's hard to get motivated- but think about it this way: have you ever regretted going to the gym afterwards? EVER? It always feels great and it's rewarding when you are finished.


What was your major in college? Is a Broadcasting degree a necessity to 'making it' in LA? 

-Sharon, Gainesville, FL

This is a good question because it's easy to see girls 'making it' in LA without college degrees, let alone one in Journalism or Broadcasting. Truth is, when girls ask me for advice as they are starting out, my first question always is 'Do you have your degree in Broadcast Journalism?' Now some people certainly have a natural talent and can go very far by good fortune and determination alone, however I believe a degree is crucial. To be quite honest, the reality stars and social media celebrities that are getting a lot of the hosting jobs these days will not likely be around in a few years. They simply do not have that longevity. Also, in my experience- when it comes down to you and a handful of other females for the job in the very end- it will depend on who is the most qualified and the most knowledgeable. A degree in Broadcast Journalism is evidence of that. I'm always so amazed that out here in LA, it's not one of the first few questions asked when going in for a job on TV- but later down the line, network bosses are impressed that I have my degree. I went to the University of Florida, which is top 5 in the nation for Broadcast Journalism, and I was awarded 'Most Promising Reporter' of my class. I know it matters. These days, it may seem like on-camera gigs are based more on how many social media followers you have, ect., but it does eventually come down to your experience. If a college degree is simply not an option for you, take another route- like hosting classes!

I love all your red carpet outfits! How do you pull off so many looks on the regular?

- Elena, Louisville, KY  

Thank you so much! It's so hard to have new outfits and keep my style fresh and eye-catching when I am on camera every day! I work with stylists, which eases the overwhelming demand to look good, but most of the time I shop for all my own outfits. I like to go to little shops that aren't as well-known, so that my style doesn't match other TV hosts. When I am searching for red carpet look on my own, I always have an inspiration in my head and search for only that. I hate browsing the hangers. (A little secret- I actually loathe shopping.) I am lucky to get 'dressed' by different designers and brands, but I always request looks that aren't overly-used by other girls. Anything new and different. But as for my everyday looks in the studio, I stick with the basics that look good on-camera. Tight, classic, not too trendy (so my reports aren't dated by what fad was 'in' that week), and bold colors. 

What do you believe are the keys to being a successful woman?

-Courteney, San Diego, CA

The mindset to work hard is the most important. It's hard to land that dream job, but what you do with it when you land it is key. Know that the girls you see on Instagram 'making it' because they post pictures of their expensive purses on the lunch table at a 'business meeting,' won't be around for long, and they may not be 'making it' at all. The ones who are dependable, reliable, hard-working and professional are the ones who will last. Just work hard and have people take you seriously. And ALWAYS be on time! Be the first to arrive in the morning and always prove that you can do your job no matter what obstacles may come throughout the day. Never use lack of sleep as an excuse, or a reason that you can't come in early. Especially in this business. When news is your job, it's never too early. And you certainly don't have to work on weekends, but be willing to, you know? You will set yourself apart from other females in the work force VERY quickly, and the people who matter in furthering your career WILL notice, (even if you don't think so yet.) The important thing to realize when you are successful, is that you may not always think you are being recognized. But trust- you are. Those who are crucial to furthering your career are always watching. And let's not forget, truly being successful is just being HAPPY. If you are feeling fulfilled and satisfied in your career, then you have succeeded.


Any books to help inspire fellow females in the business? Any books that have helped your career?

-Tina D., Los Angelea, CA

'The Confident Woman‘ by Joyce Meyer

'Audition' by Barabara Walters 

'Lean In' Sheryl Sandberg

'Dispatches from the Edge' by Anderson Cooper

'Ten Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Went Out into the Real World' by Maria Shriver

'And So it Goes: Adventures in Television' by Linda Ellerbee

‘Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart: Thirty True Things You Need to Know Now‘ by Gordon Livingston

'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'


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