Stephanie's reporting career has spanned 12 years, with a special interest in crime reporting & investigation.  

She currently hosts 'The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers' on the Oxygen Network. Her immersive, investigative look into five unsolved -and possibly connected- murders in the idyllic small town of Bardstown, KY has given Oxygen it’s highest Saturday ratings in over four years. Watch full episodes now HERE  

Stephanie’s show is the third installment of Oxygen’s ‘Disappearance of…’ series - the cases of Natalee Holloway and Maura Murray - surpassing both in premiere ratings. In the chilling six-part series, Stephanie spent a year uncovering new leads and information with the help of a box of secret evidence that Crystal’s murdered father left behind.

Prior, while working on 'Access Hollywood,' Stephanie used her interest and passion for crime reporting to earn high-ratings and exclusive 'gets' for the definitively celebrity-centric show: an unprecedented move. As a result, her exclusive stories were regularly picked up by other media outlets and she was invited on many respected national news shows to discuss them.  

Her investigative work on 'Access Hollywood' earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2016- highlighting her nightly series on Bobbi Kristina Brown's death in Atlanta, Lamar Odom's overdose and criminal misbehavior from inside a brothel in Las Vegas, and most notably- the five days she spent filming with Steven Avery's family in Manitowoc, Wisconsin for 'Making A Murderer.' To this day, she is the only TV host to be with his family at the Auto Salvage Yard since the Netflix phenomenon premiered. She received mass critical acclaim for her ability to get an exclusive look into the case from inside the Avery homes, the crime scene, and landing first-ever interviews with key family members. (Watch here)

Starting in 2005 as a reporter, producer, and host on NPR- Stephanie covered local crime in central Florida- including the highly-publicized death row execution of serial killer 'The Gainesville Ripper' Danny Rolling. When she transitioned into the local market television as the midday and evening news anchor, she worked on the groundbreaking Jessica Lunsford murder trial and did live shots alongside national news media at the killer, John Couey's, death penalty trial from Orlando, Florida. As an investigative reporter, she has interviewed inmates behind bars and at the prison work farms.Her reports there earned her the award of 'Most Promising Reporter' in the Gainesville market in 2007.

She is well-respected by her interview subjects and has been praised for making them feel at ease with her conversational style of questioning. Her educated journalist's knack for storytelling- coupled with youthful, energetic appeal- charms millions of viewers everyday and has earned her a strong credibility on national television. 






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